February 27 - March 1, 2025
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Bolshoi Altai Tour Operator

Bolshoi Altai Tour Operator
Russian Federation
 Большой Алтай, Туроператор
Address: Altai Krai, Belokurikha, 5 pereulok Sportivnyy, room N1
Phone: 88005000734
Web site:
The Big Altai mission is to let every client make friends with Altai from the first time and subsequently continue to discover new things for himself with his favorite tour operator. We are interested in a high-quality and complete presentation of Altai to everyone who comes here for impressions, energy, health and for solving their business issues. We have been working in the tourism sector for over 26 years, we have formed a team of professionals to provide your vacation. We offer treatment and rest in the best health resorts of the Resort Belokurikha and Mountain Altai, we observe all contractual relations and work only at the official prices of accommodation facilities. Our employees accompany each client 24/7. We organize individual and group excursion tours in Altai. We provide transfer services. We offer premium class rest in the health centers of the Belokurikha Resort chain. We work online with clients all over Russia and the world.