February 27 - March 1, 2025
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Obolsunovo resort, Ltd.

Obolsunovo resort, Ltd.
Russian Federation
 Курорт Оболсуново, ООО
Address: Ivanovo region, Teikovsky district, Obolsunovo
Phone: +7 (49343) 2-16-05
Web site:
SPA - resort Obolsunovo Natural therapeutic factors (highly mineralized chloride-sodium water with high content of bromine, landscape, climate and peat mud), consultations of qualified doctors, high quality service, comfortable accommodation conditions. Along with the classic Spa treatment, we offer authors' treatment programs: "Cleansing" - cleansing the body of toxins; "Weight loss formula" - weight loss; "Hermes"- prevention and treatment of BPH; "Women's health"- gynaecology, covering three areas: the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases, mastitis, post-operation rehabilitation; "Empire of beauty" - cosmetic program. "Grace" - body sculpting. "Freedom of movement" and "Life without pain" - treatment of low back pain, spine, migraine headaches. "Harmony of soul" - anti-stress program. "Weekend tour" and "beauty" - weekend antisress. Cosmetic medicine.