April 1-3, 2021
Moscow, "Expocentre", Pav.#1, #8


Welcome address by O.Safonov, Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism to organizers, participants and guests of the 13th Intourmarket International Travel Fair


Dear Friends,

Iwish towelcome organizers, participants and guests ofthe Intourmarket International Travel Fair!

Intourmarket annually becomes the most important platform for presentation ofnational tourist potential indomestic and international markets, and also aplace ofbusiness networking and development ofinterstate dialogue inthe sphere oftourism.

Since 2001, domestic and incoming tourist flows inRussia have more than doubled. Inthe last year alone, according topreliminary estimates the number oftourists traveling inside the country amounted to56.5 million people. Our citizens appreciated the holiday potential ofRussia; the geography oftheir trips has expanded. The increased volume ofdomestic travels gave apowerful impetus tothe development ofnew types oftourism health and wellness onthe basis ofresorts and retreats, gastronomic, ecological, ethnographic, cruises, youth and industrial.

The upward trend intourist flows growth led toanincrease indemand for hospitality services and anincrease inthe number oftourist activities nationally, which inturn encouraged the flow ofinvestments inthe development ofinfrastructure and services.

Due tothe increase inthe number ofavailable offers, the stabilization ofthe economic situation and the increase inthe solvency ofthe population, Russians began totravel abroad more often. According topreliminary estimates, the outbound tourist flow in2017 increased by19.8%, totaling more than 38million trips and approaching the level of2014.

2018 opens upnew prospects for the tourism market. The staging ofthe 2018FIFA World Cup isanimportant step onthe way tocreating areliable basis for the further development ofour country.

Weexpect that the increased popularity ofcities hosting the Championship will continue after the football championship. Modern infrastructure, comfortable urban environment, improved service level have been created inthe host cities. All these positive changes will bethe legacy ofthe Championship and will contribute tothe further successful tourism development ofthe country.

Donot forget about the increased market competition, which poses new challenges forus toimprove the quality oftourist products, the level ofservice comfort, the creation ofeffective marketing strategies and the formation ofadequate pricing. The future ofthe Russian tourism industry directly depends onthe solution ofthese issues.

Iwish the organizers, participants and guests ofthe Intourmarket-2018 Fair fruitful work

O.Safonov, Head ofthe Federal Agency for Tourism


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