February 27 - March 1, 2025
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Greetings from V.P. Tomenko, the Governor and Chairman of the Government of the Altai Krai to organizers, exhibitors and guests of the XVI Intourmarket-2021 International Travel Fair

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Greetings from V.P. Tomenko, the Governor and Chairman of the Government of the Altai Krai to organizers, exhibitors and guests of the XVI Intourmarket-2021 International Travel Fair

Dear organizers, exhibitors and guests of the exhibition!

On behalf of the Altai Krai, I am happy to welcome you at the XVI Intourmarket-2021 International Travel Fair!

Tourism is now the driving force of the economy, providing for both the use of recreational resources in its development, and the effective engagement of the productive and socio-cultural potential of the territories.

Every year the Intourmarket Fair brings together travel industry specialists from around the world and the majority of Russia. From the very beginning of this exhibition project, the Altai Krai has been its regular exhibitor, and since 2013 — a strategic partner.

Crème de la crème of the Russian travel industry gathers here. Just in a few days business meetings and presentations allow to deeply and comprehensively study most pressing issues of tourism development, establish new business connections and determine the vector of further movement of tourism enterprises. It is important that in 2021 the Fair will become a platform for discussing and setting up the tasks of the national project “Tourism and the hospitality industry”.

I invite everyone to visit the Altai Krai! I am sure that the experience of traveling in our region will remain in your hearts forever, and visiting the Altai Krai’s booth will be a real opening for all its guests, will help to take a fresh look at this corner of our country, amazing in its beauty and wealth, acquire new knowledge and adopt the advanced practices in sustainable tourism development.

I wish all the exhibitors of the Intourmarket exhibition the most useful meetings and negotiations, great success in the implementation of their plans!

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