March 9-11, 2019
Moscow, "Crocus Expo", Pav.#3 (Hall #15)


Presentation of the Fair "Intourmarket 2010" for the members of ANTOR (Association of National Tourist Office Representatives) and others...


On Sunday 31 of May, 2009 Association of National Tourism Organizations in Russia (ANTOR), Association for Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Federal Agency for Tourism of Russian Federation, consulates and embassies of different countries in Moscow went for a trip to The State Memorial and Natural Preserve “Museum-Estate of Leo Tolstoy “Yasnaya Polyana”.

In frames of the trip the presentation of the Fifth International Travel Fair “Intourmarket-2010” was carried out.

Association for Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR) and organizers of travel fair “Intourmarket” performed as initiators of the trip.

Early in the morning participants of the event departed from the “Kursky” railway station in the train styled in the spirit of Leo Tolstoy times that was provided especially for this meeting “without ties” by permanent partner of the Fair “Intourmarket” and official fair transport operator – JSC “Russian Railways”.

On arriving to the station “Kozlova Zaseka” the guests of the event were met by folk ensemble in Russian national costumes singing folk-song and guides who started excursion right from the railway station.

The program of the day was rather intensive and aroused great interest and inspiration among the guests. They could wonder through the alleys of the old park, where ancient trees still remember Leo Tolstoy while alive, taste the patties made by hospitable mistress at izba, feeling like in the XIX centaury in Russian country estate, view the house of the writer the décor of which remained unchangeable since the day of Leo Tolstoy death and visit Tolstoy’s grave at the edge of steep where by the legend a “green stick” with a receipt of human’s happiness is buried…

Foreign guests made sure that Russia has the unique tourism potential – centuries-old heritage, astonishing nature, hospitable people and developed infrastructure for accepting travelers.

After the vast excursion program the reception took place where guest could have a rest, refresh themselves and share their impressions. Mr. Rad’kov (Federal Agency for Tourism), Mr. Pauzin (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Mr. Sirakovski deleivered a welcome speech to the guests.

On the way back to Moscow the presentation of the Fair “Intourmarket” was carried out. The organizers made the report about what had been made for developing of international tourism in the frames of the Fair for the previous 4 years and shared their plans for the future – in year 2010 there will be the first and that is why very important for us anniversary – 5 years. Guests were given presents with “Intourmarket” symbolism including Tulsky gingerbread in the memory of the trip.

On behalf of the organizers we hope that guests managed to communicate with each other in informal atmosphere, to discuss perspective of collaboration and to get to know something new and interesting. See you at the Fair “Intourmarket 2010”, which will take place on 13-18 of March, 2010, at IEC “Crocus Expo”.

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