March 9-11, 2019
Moscow, "Crocus Expo", Pav.#3 (Hall #15)


«Intourmarket — 2012» presents unique conference «Science, education and society for accessible tourism in Russia»


«ITM — 2012» keeps on concentrating on accessible tourism problems. Firstly pointed in frames of «ITM -2011», this destination has attracted cute attention of officials, tour business professionals and society.

In 2012 the discussion will start among leading research institutes and tourism universities whose representatives will estimate the existing possibilities of accessible tourism as a permanent industry sector.

Ufa State Academy for economics and service (ENAT member) will give practical recommendations based on their 20 years ‘profile research. The representatives of specialized social organizations are expected to make official requirements for accessible tourism service in modern world more concrete.

International ENAT experts are very expected to present main accessible tourism points in their reports.

Organizers: Ministry for Sport, tourism and youth policy of the Russian federation, «Expotour» Ltd. -«Intourmarket-2012» Organizer, Ufa State Academy for economics and service.

Leading specialists of ministries, transport, travel agencies and insurance companies are invited to participation.

For more information please address project coordinator Ms. Elmira Tukanova,

Seeing you at «Intourmarket -2012»!

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