April 1-3, 2021
Moscow, "Expocentre", Pav.#1, #8


Welcome address of Zarina Doguzova, Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism to the organizers, exhibitors and guests of the XIV INTOURMARKET International Travel Fair

Exhibition news

Iáam happy toáwelcome the organizers, participants and guests ofáthe XIV Intourmarket International Travel Fairs!

ôIntourmarketö isáaáplatform for aádialogue between all market players and the state ináorder toámake tourism services readily available and highquality for each person ináline with his demands. The exhibition presents unrivaled opportunities for showcasing the tourist potential ofáRussia, promotion ofánational tourist products domestically and internationally.

The business agenda ofáthe forum becomes more information-tense and productive, including discussions and other formats focusing onáupdating knowledge about changes ináthe travel industry, discussing the prospects for the development ofátourism inácompliance toáthe latest trends.

Supporting the organizers and participants ofáthe Intourmarket exhibition, Iáwould like toásay that the initiatives prepared byáthe participants ofáthe event will beástudied byáRostourism, and the best ones will beáimplemented atáthe major Russian and international exhibitions and forums with participation ofáRostourism, and asápart ofáthe key event inátourism for Russia this yearጠthe 23rd session ofáthe UNáGeneral Assembly ofáthe World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Toáorganize aácreative discussion onáthe initiatives ofáRussia within the framework ofáthe UNWTO, Rostourism will hold anáAll-Russian session onáthe development ofáthe travel industry onáthe sidelines ofáthe Intourmarket Fair. Ináthe course ofáthe session, all related market participants will beáable toásubmit their proposals onárealization ofáthe flagship event ofáthe world tourist community, which will allow Russia toáboost its international standing and toáincrease the flow ofátourists.

Iáwish all organizers, exhibitors and guests ofáthe exhibition successful work, interesting discussions, effective business negotiations, beneficial contracts and the achievement ofáoutlined objectives!

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