April 1-3, 2021
Moscow, "Expocentre", Pav.#1, #8


Welcome address by Sergey Shpilko, President of the Russian Union of Travel Industry, to guests and participants of the XIV International Travel Fair Intourmarket-2019

Exhibition news

Onbehalf ofthe Russian Union ofTravel Industry, Iwelcome the participants, guests and organizers ofthe International Travel Fair Intourmarket 2018.

The travel industry iscurrently facing challenging tasks offurther development, improving the quality and safety ofservices, attracting investments, increasing financing oftourist projects, formation, promotion and realization ofcompetitive tourist products.

The Intourmarket Fair, which isheld inMoscow for the thirteenth time, offers exciting possibilities for realizing the tourism potential ofour country, creating acommon information field, gathering representatives ofthe international industry oftourism and hospitality. Throughout its existence, the exhibition has expanded many times and today itisconsidered one ofthe leading professional events intourism ofaninternational caliber.

Iwish all participants, organizers and guests ofthe Intourmarket-2018 International Travel Fair business achievements, successful negotiations and implementation ofnew projects!

Yours sincerely,

Sergey Shpilko
President ofthe Russian Union ofTravel Industry
Sergey Shpilko

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