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Post-release of the VIII International Travel Fair «Intourmarket (ITM)-2013»


The VIII International Travel Fair «Intourmarket-2013» was held from March 16 till March 19, 2013, in the IEC «Crocus Expo». More than 1,400 exhibitors from 143 countries and regions took part in the event.

This year China has been announced the country-partner of «Intourmarket-2013». At their stand Chinese participants presented tourism opportunities in several regions of the country. Tasting of national cuisine delights, master classes of Chinese painting and artists performances took place on the pavilion scene.

The status of the ITM strategic partner in 2013 was granted to the Altai region represented at an enormous picturesque exposition. On its 800 square meters stand the Travel Fair visitors could see the perspectives of all kinds of tourism and to choose the most suitable way to relax and spend a holiday.

Every day from morning to evening the craftsmen performed their master classes. Famous resorts of Belokurikha prepared special programs telling about the variety of health and SPA-procedures. In addition visitors had an opportunity to taste famous delicious and high-quality Altai products. The best on-stage performance groups of the region attracted visitors’ attention.

Large colorful stands were booked by TEZ TOUR (General Partner) and Coral Travel. The exhibition also traditionally involved major Russian tour operators: «Academservice», «KMP-group», «Wind Rose», «Neva», «Versa», «Turtrans Voyage», «Alean-tour», «Jet Travel», «DSBW, »" Old Town «,» BVL «,» Krugozor «,» Ankor «and many others.

The red tape of the official «Intourmarket-2013» opening ceremony was cut by the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medinsky, Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on Social Policy Yuri Smirnov, UNWTO executive director Zoltan Somogyi, Head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Alexander Radkov, the governor of the Altai region, Russian strategic partner VIII International Travel Fair «ITM», Alexander Karlin, Zhu Shanzhong — deputy head of the State Department of Tourism of the People’s Republic — the ITM Country Partner, Chairman of Moscow City Committee for Tourism and Hotel Industry Serguei Shpilko.

Numerous conferences, seminars and presentations were organized within the frame of the exhibition business program.

During the presentation of Moscow tourism potential experts talked on the recent developments on the capital tourist market and shared theirs views on its expansion prospects.

Presentation of the «Great Volga» Agreement parties has become one of the remarkable events of the travel show. The event was attended by heads of regional ministries and agencies in charge of tourism, tour operators from Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Tver, Ulyanovsk and Penza regions, Tatarstan, Mari El, Chuvashia, senior managers of «Russian Railways Tour» and representatives of the regional airlines.

Representatives of travel agencies learned of the new regional and inter-regional tourist products and measures to support tourism, got acquainted with the main tourist calendar of events — from the World Student Games to «Syzran tomato», from the largest business forums to festivals reconstructions. The presentation became a platform of discussions on major tourist events of the Volga region in 2013, the announcement of the subsidy assistance project of the domestic regional passenger services, new cruise season and regional tourism, etc...

Presentation «Latvia — a small model of big Europe» attracted attention of the participants and professional visitors of the exhibition. Its speakers dwelt on the most notable events of the upcoming season including not only the new flagship offers of the Latvian tourism market — Riga and Jurmala — but also on the health tourism achievements. The Event Calendar of Latvian capital was presented by the head of the Baltic branch of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Ilona Ansone.

Coral Travel presented its summer programs. The presentations program included various seminars on Turkey, hotels in Spain, Greece, Tunisia and Morocco.

Besides numerous presentations the ITM business program included a wide number of seminars and conferences.

Among particularly important Travel Fair events there was a meeting held by prime minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev with the tourism industry authorities, insurance companies and travel operators. The meeting raised travel industry burning problems such as visa barriers, hotels classification, lack of small hotels regulation, deficiency of package routes (except for Moscow and St. Petersburg), lack of navigation information, etc.

«Intourmarket-2013» also hosted an all-Russian meeting on topical issues of tourism development, with discussions on the main directions of the state policy in tourism, on practical application of the Federal Law «About bases of tourist activities in the Russian Federation » and the implementation of measures of the Federal targeted Program «Development of Incoming and Domestic Tourism in the Russian Federation (2011-2018)». The meeting was attended by the head of the Federal Agency for Tourism Alexander Radkov, its deputy directors — Dmitry Mikheyev, Evgueni Pisarevskii, Dmitry Amunts as well as by the heads of tourism administrations of subjects of the Russian Federation.

One of the ITM conferences was devoted to tourism for children. The event highlighted issues of implementing orders of the President of the Russian Federation on the organization of excursions for students, problems of legislative support of holidays and health of children within the framework of the National Children’s Strategy. Participants of the conference also discussed the working results of the Children tourism Commission of the Ural Tourist Association and the Commission on Children’s tourism of the Russian Union of Travel Industry (RST).

A public session of the Board and the Regional Council of the Russian Union of Travel Industry was held on March 16, 2013. Its agenda covered such issues as improvement of the legal regulation of the tourism sector, attitude of the PST towards the activity of the Association of Tour Operators «Turpomosch», rules of the compensation fund formation and utilization.

Conference «Banya as part of a clever SPA-tourism» caused a particular interest among the ITM participants when SPA experts told the visitors about bath culture and traditions and explained why a bath is a proper part of the traditional SPA. Visiting of bath festival abroad was one of the issues that were discussed at the conference as a new type of the event tourism.

«Intourmarket» participants took part in the seminar devoted to the specific nature of bus tours organization where the leading tour operators shared their experience in developing various routes for different types of travelers, considered emerging issues as well as current problems of bus tours.

ITM-2013 traditionally hosted a TBG net conference, a training seminar «9 steps towards success for the travel agencies» as well as a seminar by Irina Tyurina for travel journalists and many other interesting and relevant events.

«Intourmarket» continues to be an attractive and essential event for the travel industry combining both a hard-driving business program and a wide range of exponents.

Looking forward to meeting you at «Intourmarket-2014» in March 15-18, 2014!

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