March 9-11, 2019
Moscow, "Crocus Expo", Pav.#3 (Hall #15)


Moscow hosted the 3rd Russian congress of tourist associations


On 18th March the Garden ring Hotel reception house became the venue of the 3rd Russian congress of tourist associations. 16 regional tourist associations participated in the event organized within the framework of the Intourmarket Travel fair.

According to ATOR (Association of Russian Tour Operators) Russia has only 25 active tourist associations. This year brought in several newcomers from Kamchatka, Perm kray, Kalmykia and Kola (Murmansk region).

The main topic of the Congress was Algorithm for creating competitive regional and interregional routes. Congress participants noted that there are many barriers for realization of such projects and they need state support to overcome them.

The Congress also discussed relationship between operators and agencies.

The Congress was warmly welcomed by Grigory Sarishvili, Federal Agency for tourism Deputy Head. ATOR executive director Maya Lomidze summarized the co-work of tourist associations within the framework of the Memorandum on cooperation in tourism signed at the last Congress.

Note: the first Congress was held under the initiative of ATOR in 2012. Its main objective is exchange of experience, information and problems encountered by associations in all aspects of tourism in Russia. At the 2nd Congress the Memorandum on cooperation of public associations in tourism was signed by representatives of 11 tourist associations. Now the memorandum has 16 members  tourist associations.

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