March 9-11, 2019
Moscow, "Crocus Expo", Pav.#3 (Hall #15)


The Komi Republic is joining the Great Ural project


Foreign and domestic tour operators showed a big interest in tourist products of the Republic of Komi that were demonstrated at the “Intourmarket” travel fair. Yulia Rybakova, Head of the Agency for tourism of the Republic, said that there were productive negotiations with the leading German tour operator “Eurasia”. Tours of foreign tourist groups up from 30 persons are planned to Komi.

Representatives of the Komi Republic, Vologda, Yaroslavl and Archangelsk regions and St. Petersburg participated in a round table that focused on a new railway cruise project “Give yourself Arctic as a gift” on the tourist train “North shining”. Within the framework of the project the Lithuanian Udriausprojektai company made a presentation of the RealRussia international railway tour on the territory of the North-west of Russia.

The Representatives of the Komi Republic had a meeting with the Department of youth policy and tourism of Yamal-Nenets autonomous district at which a co-work of the Russian North tourist project was discussed.

Representatives of Murmansk, Archangelsk, Ryazan and Sverdlovsk regions, Chechen Republic, Bashkortostan, Udmurtia and Altay Kray showed interest in organization and theme of the International eco-tourist forum “Yezh/Hedgehog”

Another focus of discussion at the fair was an opportunity for ecological and agricultural produce of the Republic to be included in the project “Green routes of Russia” implemented by the state corporation “Polar Tour” in cooperation with the “ECOKultura” company and the Union of organic agriculture the main objective of which is development of agrarian, rural and ecological tourism in Russia.

Among the companies interested in the Komi Republic tourist potential are “Tengri” (Ufa), “Alean” (Moscow), “Pomor Tour” (Archangelsk), “Severny Ural” (Perm), “RussiaDiscovery” (Moscow), the administration of City-resort Anapa (Krasnodar region).

Agreements were reached with travel companies from Kirov, Vologda, Tambov, Rostov and Moscow regions and St. Petersburg, Moscow and Vladivostok.

Also at the “Intourmarket” the Republic of Komi confirmed its decision to join the Great Ural tourist brand. Signing of the agreement is planned at the great Ural-2014 Forum in April in Ekaterinburg.

Welcome to Great Ural! Welcome to Russia!

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