March 12-14, 2020
Moscow, "Expocentre", Pav.#1, #8


For the third time we are organizing the SRT section at the Intourmarket international travel fair

News of the exhibition business program

The SRT differs from the ôrural tourismö or ôecotourismö events that gained popularity over the past few years in its objectives that are targeted at solving complex social problems.

Preserving the environment and cultural heritage, nature conservation, conservation of biodiversity or incomes of local people in rural areas are important tasks, but they are secondary, because if there is no production and infrastructure for life, there will be no life in the countryside, no residents. There will be no tourism in rural and forest areas if there is no opportunity to find work in the countryside somewhere else beside tourism.

Soon the program will be published! And register for the SRT section here:

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