March 9-11, 2019
Moscow, "Crocus Expo", Pav.#3 (Hall #15)


Our exhibitors news: Siberian Baikal Tourism Association decided to revive the Zimniada festival of winter games at Baikal. The event will be held in winter-spring 2016 for the first time after a several-year break


Vadim Kopylov, Greenexpress general director, tells that the Zimniada was invented to develop a tourist flow in winter time. This will help to keep busy the tourist infrastructure of Irkutsk and the Baikal  hotels, recreation centers..."

The Siberian Baikal Tourism Association decided to revive the Zimniada  festival of winter games at Baikal. The event will be held in winter-spring 2016 for the first time after a several-year break. The Association and several companies, the Association members,  Greenexpress, Absolyutnaya Sibir, Bakalika, Gostiniy dvor Bayar, Sputnik and other will be organizers of the Festival.

The first edition of the Festival on the Baikal was held in 2003; it was initiated by Irkutsk region-based tourist companies. Since 2004 it was organized by Irkutsk region state authorities. Thanks to the joint efforts of the tourist community and authorities the festival developed progressively having been introduced in the regional and federal event calendars; it was presented at Russian and foreign tourist exhibitions under the auspices of Rostourism.

The Zimniada brand got strengthened both because of the high-sounding name and million-rubles investments from Irkutsk region authorities and budgets of event organizers during 12 years when the Festival was held. Now it is necessary to support the existing brand recognizable on the Russian and foreign markets.

"We are going to make the Zimniada the key event of winter on the Baikal. This is a popular event full of joy and optimism. Another important task is to turn the event into a mutual festival for both sides of the lake  Irkutsk region and Buryatia, says Igor Kovalenko the Associations chairman and Sputnik general director.

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