March 9-11, 2019
Moscow, "Crocus Expo", Pav.#3 (Hall #15)


Motorcycle club Night Wolves and the Federation of Motortourism of Russia (FMR) welcome you at their stand at the Introumarket 2016 where the world of motorcycles, enthralling routes, expeditions and motor-pilgrimage is waiting for you!


Professional guides will tell you about options of many-kilometer pilgrimages by motorcycles.

Riding a motorcycle is a compromise that eliminates unnecessary comfort and at the same time saves time by avoiding waiting at railway stations, embarkation and transfers. A motorcyclist is open to natural elements  sun, rain and wind, heat and cold just like old-times travelers.

Walking or bicycling takes too much time but for a motorcycle. Motorcycle travels are an ideal opportunity for research, an excellent tool of discovery and self-discovery.

Pilgrimage is considered one of the hardest virtues. However connection between travelling and spiritual development is not automatic. It is evident that popular tourism and modern travel industry are based on concepts of observation and recreation. To make travels lead to something better that observation of landmark sites it is important to live the life of the Church.

Please, contact us: +7 926 119 14 23

FMR press-service: +79031306405 Anna Komarova

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