March 9-11, 2019
Moscow, "Crocus Expo", Pav.#1


Altay kray is "Intourmarket-2017" strategic partner!


For several years the Altay kray has been a most active participant in the fair invariably organizing an expansive exposition which demonstrates sites of interests and natural beauty of the region attracting numerous visitors.

The Strategic partner status is certain to contribute to promotion of the Altay kray on the international travel market. A 1000 square meter stand will be used by its organizers for presenting travel companies, folk art and crafts, ecological tourism potential, performance of folk-groups and much more. Mr. A.B. Karlov, the kray’s Governor , will attend the fair.

In 2014 the Altay kray was the “Intourmarket” General Russian partner. At the main platform of the country’s travel industry its exclusive potential was demonstrated by 60 exhibitors representing municipal enterprises, travel companies, resort and spa institutions, hotels and other organizations.

The last year exposition was divided into topical zones displaying tourist-recreational and resort-spa potential of the region. Each zone promoted the concept of the kray’s “exclusiveness” expressed by already well-recognized slogans “Altay kray is a land granting discoveries”, “Altay kray is a land granting strength” , “Altay kray is a land granting courage”, and “Altay kray is a land granting purity”. Other zones accommodated the kray administration and tour operators of the region, a stage and local products, gifts and souvenirs.

Prime-Minister Mr. Dmitri Medvedev spoke in praise of the Altay Kray exposition during his visit to the “Intourmarket”. Mr. Medvedev degusted local ecological food with great relish and discussed the region’s development perspectives with the Kray’s Governor focusing on a significant contribution of the local authorities to development of incoming and domestic tourism.

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