March 12-14, 2020
Moscow, "Expocentre", Pav.#1, #8


"Marmalade (candied fruit jelly ) tale" - a new brand of the Tver region

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The company “Marmalade tale” from the Tver region for more than 13 years has been manufacturing natural candied fruit jelly. The product is environmentally friendly and is made only from natural raw materials — berries, fruits, nuts, dried fruits and even roots.

The candied fruit jelly is made of different shapes, in the range of more than 70 flavors.

Today, the production of “Marmalade tale” can be found in almost every major city in Russia. Shipping has started recently to Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, France

At the end of October, the company won the Grand Prix at the All-Russian Tourist Souvenir competition.

The company-established candied fruit jelly museum in Likhoslavl welcomes up to 200 visitors a day. In the museum the visitors are told the history of the company and the appearance of candied fruit jelly in Russia. A master class for making jelly bears is held hold. Tasting is also included in the tour, and in the store you can buy what you liked, including the competitive entries that won the Tourist Souvenir competition.

In June 2018, the Marmalade tale hit the book of records of Russia — they made the biggest candied fruit jelly. Preparation took more than six months, because the record of 251 kg had to be broken. A gigantic 281 kg candied fruit jelly with raspberry flavor resulted, and after registering a record, over 3 thousand guests ate it with relish.

The company works with tour operators “Travel Shop”, “Rainbow”, “Gnome Tour”, “Voyage”, “Comme il faut”. They also had tourists from Spain, Germany.

A new building of 600 square meters with an observation deck is planned for the museum. And a whole tourist complex — the Fairy Tale Ecoclub is to be built. Its territory there will feature a lot of attractions and places for recreation, aimed at a cozy and comfortable weekend.

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