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Press release of the XIII International travel fair “Intourmarket” (11-13 March 2018, IEC “Crocus Expo”, pavilion ¹ 2)


Intourmarket-2018 press-release download (pdf)

Intourmarket-2018 press-release download (docx)

Official support of the exhibition:

  • Government of the Russian Federation
  • Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation
  • Federal Agency for tourism
  • Department of sport and tourism of the City of Moscow
  • World tourism organization (UNWTO)
  • Russian Union of Travel Industry (RUTI)
  • Association of tour operators of Russia (ATOR)

Strategic partner of the exhibition: Altai Krai

General partner: Tourism Association of Russian regions (TARR)

General B2B media partner: Profi.Travel

General information partner: Vesti.Tourism

The Intourmarket fair is a dedicated tourist platform for expanding an intra-industry dialogue and working out ultimate solutions and trends of the market development in a new environment. It is the site for developing effective mechanisms and establishing inter-branch ties that help to form brand-new quality tourist products and improve the service level in the industry. Intourmarket is the only exhibition in Russia that represents an all-embracing tourist product of our country — absolutely all regions of Russia take part in the fair. Without any exaggeration — the exhibition “Intourmarket” is “at the height” of the main tourist trend — import substitution in tourism.

At the same time, the exhibition presents traditional leaders of the outbound tourist traffic of Russians: Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, China, Cyprus, and other countries for which Russia is a long-established and favorite market. By tradition, the CIS countries play a full role in the exhibition.

The Russian regional exposition will be represented by an overwhelming majority of regions from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. Among them — the Intourmarket strategic partner — the Altai Krai. As part of the region’s participation the organizers plan to use a 800 sq.m space as a venue for a large-scale presentation of travel companies, resorts, health centers, folk crafts, eco-tourism potential, folklore group performances and much more. A.B Karlin, Governor of the Region, will traditionally attend the exhibition.

The key feature of Intourmarket-2018 is a first-ever organization of a joint exposition space by the participating regions dedicated to a vast majority of brand routes. The Golden Ring route has been globally known from the Soviet times as a travel to the ancient Russian cities of Central Russia; last year we celebrated its 50th anniversary. The same concept is used for developing “The Silver necklace of Russia” route. St. Petersburg as its powerful anchor draws attention of tourists to other regions of the Northwest of Russia. In addition to St. Petersburg, the route includes 10 regions: the Republic of Karelia, Komi, the Nenets Autonomous District, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Kaliningrad, Leningrad, Murmansk, Novgorod and Pskov regions. Their tourist potential is huge and features cultural and historical sites, beautiful natural landscapes and traditions of small nations.

Other routes are also presented domestically and internationally, for example, “Russian Manors”, “The Great Volga River Route” with a family of the Volga regions, " The Eastern Ring" uniting the regions of the Far East — the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Buryatia, Kamchatka and Khabarovsk Regions. The routes “Russian Arctic” and “Rivers of Russia” are under development and functioning.

At the exhibition you can get acquainted with proposals of the top tour operators and accommodation facilities, learn more about new tourist routes and take part in competitions and trip voucher drawings. Potential travelers will enjoy tasting national dishes and performances of folk groups.

All Intourmarket visitors are happy to note the wonderful festivity atmosphere created at the exhibition. And travel industry professionals justly appreciate the given opportunity not only to discuss urgent topics in a close dialogue, but also to find a solution to many acute issues.

Key business events of the Intourmarket-2018 fair

  • Conference on the development of children tourism;
  • Meeting of the RUTI Regional Council;
  • Training seminar for tourist information centers (TIC);
  • Presentations of tourist opportunities of Moscow and Moscow region;
  • Conferences on small historical cities “Real Russia” and “New tourist opportunities of the Golden ring cities”;
  • Conference “Legal support of different types of tourism”;
  • Round table “Primary trends of modern development of tourist souvenir merchandise”;
  • Charity day at Intourmarket;
  • VI Summit of the Russia-China tourism forum;
  • Round table : “Meeting of the Interdepartmental working group on providing and organizing tourist services for guests and fans of the FIFA world Cup2018”
  • Joint meeting of the coordination Council for tourism of the Volga Federal district and the Committee on import substitution under the RF Ministry of culture on the development of the interregional route “Great Volga River route”;
  • Expanded meeting of organizers and participants of the interregional project “Tracery of Russian cities”;
  • Interuniversity conference on education issues in tourism: “Education in tourism”;
  • Meeting of inter-regional coordination and expert Council of “Live lessons” project;
  • All-Russian meeting on topical issues of tourism development in Russia;
  • Socially responsible tourism or SOT — the concept of promoting ideas and principles of responsible tourism;
  • Round table on “Great Volga River route. Step by step”;
  • Inter-University meeting on education in tourism;
  • Round table “Event-Calendar-Travel. Help the tourist to choose your region for the trip”;
  • Business Russia discussion club “New types of tourism: what a competitive advantage of the area will be tomorrow?”
  • Training course of the Academy of SPA and Wellness tourism;
  • Round table “Russian-German cooperation in the field of tourism. Perspectives and options of development”
  • Conference “Gastronomic tourism in Russia. Development capacities and tools”;
  • Business seminar “DIGITAL TRAVEL. Advertising vs Promotion”

For a complete program of Intourmarket events visit the exhibition website.

The program of business meetings “Professional Buyer / Hosted Buyers”

The program is aimed at supporting small and medium-sized businesses in tourism, providing a range of services to improve the professional level and establishing business contacts between exhibitors and professionals in the tourism sector. The Professional Buyer program is fully financed by the company “Exptour”.

A hosted buyer package includes: free air travel or railway travel from the city of stay to Moscow and back by the economy class; transfer from / to the airport, railway station; free hotel accommodation; entering information about a participant in the official exhibition catalog; participation in a pre-planned business program.

On March 11, Intourmarket will host a charity day

Our goal is to support the Children’s Hospice “House with a Beacon”, caring for children with incurable diseases and existing on private donations. The key event of the action is the Charity Auction, all funds from which will go to the Children’s Hospice “House with a Beacon” for a purchase of special equipment for children, immobile for medical reasons. We will be grateful for any input in this heartwarming project!

Exhibition Organizer: Expotour Ltd. (Russia)

More information about the exhibition is available at

  • Phones: + 7- (495) 626-43-69, (495) 626-21-73, (495) 626-21-72
  • e-mail:,
  • Crocus Expo IEC, Pavilion No. 2, Myakinino metro station

See you at the exhibition on March 10-12, 2018!

Intourmarket-2018 press-release download (pdf)

Intourmarket-2018 press-release download (docx)

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