April 1-3, 2021
Moscow, "Expocentre", Pav. #8

Participation terms

Organizer will:

  1. Carry out the program within the frames ofá"Intourmarket-2021" Travel fair from 1átill 3áApril, 2021.
  2. Accept applications for the program only from professional organizations ofáthe travel industry which carry out their business activities onáthe territory ofáthe Russian Federation. State-run institutions providing tourist services can not participate ináthe program.
  3. Organize aábusiness program for the participants within the exhibition: panel discussions, conferences, visiting booths and presentations ofáparticipants.
  4. Provide participants with aápackage that includes free hotel accommodation (including breakfast), hotel-exhibition-hotel transfer, exhibition catalogue and aáHosted Buyer badge.
  5. Offer free participation ináthe program provided aáParticipant meets Terms ofáparticipation ináthe Program.

The Program Participant shall:

  1. Applicants for participation ináthe program should honestly fill upáthe application form. Only one employee from aácompany can participate ináthe program.
  2. Toáparticipate ináthe program the Participant will have toáundergo 2áqualification stages: fill ináthe questionnaire and undergo competitive selection.
  3. The company can replace their participant not later than 1ámonth prior toáthe exhibition. Otherwise the organizer reserves the right toácancel the company?s participation ináthe Program.
  4. The Participant has toáattend all preplanned events within the program according toáaáschedule: panel discussions, conferences, exhibitors presentations and their stands.
  5. The Participant has toáfollow the group leader instructions within the program planned byáthe Organizers.
  6. Toámonitor the efficiency ofáthe ?Hosted Buyer? program execution each Participant has toáprepare aábrief report onátheir exhibition work results (ináaáform ofásurvey).