March 16-18, 2024
Moscow, "Expocentre", pav. 8

Hosted Buyer FAQ

What is a «Hosted Buyer» program?

The «Intourmarket» «Hosted Buyer» program is targeted towards the tourism industry development by attracting visitors from the Russian regions.

Its goal is to provide a range of services to enhance professional skills and establish business contacts between exhibitors and tourism professionals representing all regions of the Russian Federation.

What is included in the Organizers free package provided to the participants?

What is the target audience of the Program?

One of the program objectives is professional development of the tourist sector. It means the program core audience is not directors but promising top managers, heads of regional tourism agencies seeking self-development and professional skills improvement.

To attend business program events covering a wide range of helpful information on the tourism industry optimization will be most useful especially for them.

How to take part in the program?

To apply for participation you have to honestly fill out a questionnaire when registration is opened. After that the registered Agencies will be short listed by tour operators.

When taking decision on including any of the agencies in the list of winners tour operators take into account such factors as sales volume of applicants, its development strategy in each region, etc.

How many company employees can participate in the program?

Only one person from a company can take part in the program.

Am I obliged to attend business program events?

You have to attend all planned events within the program according to a schedule of your group: panel discussions, conferences, exhibitors presentations and their stands.

Can I choose another hotel if I am not satisfied with the offered one?


Can my colleague who is not the program participant attend business program events?

Yes, we can include his/her name in business program but we kindly ask you to advise us in advance.

Is it possible to cancel any employee participation in the program?

In case a qualified participant due to any reasons can’t take part in the program you are requested to advise us not later than 1 month before the exhibition starts.

In case of cancellation or participant replacement after the railway ticket has been issued the participant has to compensate 50% of the ticket cost to the Organizers.

In case of cancellation of participation in the program after the flight ticket has been paid and less than 1 day before the date of flight the company-participant has to compensate the Organizers 25% of the full ticket cost.