February 27 - March 1, 2025
Nizhny Novgorod, exhib.compl. «Nizhny Novgorod Fair»
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LabT. Laboratory of Meanings for Territories
Russian Federation
Land cruzer Travel, LCC
Russian Federation
Jeep tours This is an opportunity to visit new and interesting places, where the wheel of the bus has never set foot! The tours are designed to be enjoyed by beginners and more experienced travellers alike!
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Russian Federation
Stand B601
LB TOUR is an incoming touroperator in Russia and the only DMC in Altai Region, Siberia providing luxury service, we offer tailor made and exclusive journeys in the region with visiting all UNESCO sites located in Altai, heli tours, ethno, off road jeep expeditions, trekking and rafting tours.
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Lonicera World Hotel

Exhibition plans

Floor plan will be available later