February 27 - March 1, 2025
Nizhny Novgorod, exhib.compl. «Nizhny Novgorod Fair»
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One hundred trails
Russian Federation
Stand B1201
Tour operator "100 TROP" is the organizer of outdoor activities in the mountainous regions of Bashkortostan, the South Urals and Russia. Supboard and catamaran rafting, trekking and climbing, family tours with a geologist, ethno tours. We also organize turnkey corporate tours.
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RV Land
Russian Federation
Stand B201
RV Land is the No. 1 website about driving in Russia. The most complete information about places to travel with a motorhome in Russia. A directory of campsites with search by parameters, a catalog of companies, travel routes and special research projects.
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1st Jaeger Regiment, Military Historical Reenactmen Club
Russian Federation
The club reenacts not only the military affairs of the 19th century, but also the civilian costume and everyday life of the era of the Napoleonic Wars. Actively participates in various events dedicated to the reconstruction of battles.
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Exhibition plans

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